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For students of Newcastle University, UK.

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Digital marketing has changed drastically over the last few decades, with a significant increase in the adoption of the internet into our daily lives. With the number of internet users worldwide increasing up to 3.58 billion (reported in 2017). The single biggest event which has affected marketing! 

The PMA is a free, practical marketing programme exclusive to 8 students designed by Newcastle University Student’s Union. 

It is delivered by experts in the digital marketing industry and aims to help boost your credibility and stand out from the crowd and gives you the hands-on experience that online courses lack.  This is a certified programme helping you shape your future career by transforming you into a specialist in your field! 

All Newcastle University Students can apply irrespective of their degree. 

As the digital economy continues to thrive, professionals with relevant and up-to-date skills are in huge demand. Our workshops cover the most crucial skills required in digital marketing, including SEO, Google Analytics, CRO, Advanced Email Marketing Strategies, and much more. 

by leading Marketing

Jonathan Sabarre.

Assistant Director of Marketing – Newcastle University.

“The launch of the Professional Marketing Academy, powered by our prestigious university, is an exciting opportunity for those looking to pursue a career in marketing and hoping to equip themselves with the necessary digital platform skills and industry knowledge.”  

Brett Jacobson

Managing Director – Mediaworks.

“The launch of the Professional Marketing Academy will be a great opportunity for the students, gaining key practical skills and providing them with a key understanding of their future profession.” 

Kari Owers

Managing Director – OPR 

“The launch of the Professional Marketing Academy provides the perfect platform to bridge these two career stages, arming students with practical skills and know-how they will ultimately be applying in their future professional lives.” 

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An abundant amount of skills will be acquired from this programme giving yourself the jump on your competitors. Specifically, you’ll learn the most crucial skills required for digital marketing such as SEO ,Google Analytics, Email Marketing, and much more.

These are fundamental when it comes to digital marketing! Most students who have completed a marketing degree haven’t even learned these skills before. They will give a key understanding of digital marketing. As well as gaining vital practical skills necessary for future employment!